Your practice, your way.

As always, there is no right, and there is no wrong; there is YOU- exactly who you are today- and that is enough.  Ultimately, you are the teacher, learning how to listen to your breath, feeling how your body feels, moving and adjusting your practice to align with what is true for you today, choosing happiness for yourself rather than getting pulled down into the muck of fear or insecurity or judgement.

We are all students in this world, we are all on a path to coming back home to our own hearts and finding peace and happiness. Thank you for joining me in that process; for trusting me to walk that path with you! 

I am here to support you in your practice; to help you begin to see your yoga practice as a celebration of just how truly amazing you are! A practice of getting down, dropping in, movin' and groovin',  feeling connected, feeling strong, being free, and knowing you are loved. It all starts right here...with this next breath.

So- lets get started!  All you have to do is show up. Roll out your mat. Take a deep breath. It's time my friends. Let's dance.

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In-Person Yoga Classes